Remove Dry Skin from Face & Neck

Published: 11th August 2009
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To successfully remove dry skin problems from the face and neck requires that we first understand the causes. First let's discuss the causes then the removal steps.

Causes of Dry Skin

Start with your bathroom to find the 'culprits' Most of us wouldn't think that taking a shower is a bad idea. Well, it isn't but if your shower water contains chlorine, and most showers do, that is a big problem for your skin. Here's why.

Chlorine is toxic, a poision used by the water facilities to remove and kill bad germs that contaminant the tap water. When you take a shower, which is usually hot or warm, the chlorine in the water turns to a steamy vapor. Your skin absorbs this into your body and causes harm.

Now go to the kitchen. Turn on the tap. Guess what comes out. Water with chlorine. Now you have absorbed chlorine into the outside skin from the shower and now it just slide down into your stomach and travels on. Ugh.


a. Get a shower filter that removes the chlorine.

b. Don't drink the water. Get a filter on the kitchen faucet.

c. Or get a whole house water filter.

Next Step: Use a quality moisturizer that is truly natural after you shower. Stay away from moisturizers that have petrolatum products in them. Mineral oil and paraffin are just crude oil by products. They can make your skin much drier than before. Don't go from bad to worse.

Look for these ingredients in a moisturizer and in other skin care products:

*Keratin, a protein

*Coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant

*Wakame kelp extract, a Japanese sea weed

The above ingredients will make the skin more moist and will even reduce wrinkles around the face and neck.

At nighttime, avocado oil and shea butter are very good. They are not recommended for use during the daytime since they are somewhat heavy. But at night they are excellent.

During the day use a moisturizer that has grape seed oil.

Creams that have CoQ10 have after six weeks of use demonstrated that it removes dry skin from the face and neck. Keratin improves the moisture content of the skin by as much as 20% or more at the first application. Over time it improves moisture retention by the skin.

Wakame sea kelp extracts help promote more hyaluronic acid in the skin. Hyaluronic acid holds the cells of the skin together and helps retain moisture.

Shea butter has been used on the body in general for dry skin. But is very effective on the face and neck. Be sure to get a good quality brand or you will just waste your money. This goes for all the ingredients in your skin care products. They must be from natural sources and non synthetic or else they are probably just "junk" and could do your skin a lot or harm.

Avocado oil has essential fatty acids they resemble the sebum in your skin. It will increase the quantity of soluble collagen in the layers of your skin. Doing this means that wrinkles and sagging skin is reduced.

I use what I recommend. The products must contain only natural ingredients like I mentioned above.

And now, for more information see my website below on how to remove dry skin from face and neck.

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